Work Hard Play Harder.

At Alpha Chauffeur, we encourage you to set goals and dream about that beach holiday you always wanted.

Become a chauffeur

Drive & earn at your own convenience

Why Drive For Us?

Well, as humble beginnings go, we all came from somewhere and there’s always bills to pay, things we want/need and dreams to be built. Alpha Chauffeur understands this and we will try to help you achieve these things.
Alpha Chauffeur is a proud partner to Grabcar. We provide our Chauffeurs with affordable car rentals, in-house towing services, 24-hour mechanics and an in-house car wash and workshop services.

As our chauffeur, here are some perks and benefits you can enjoy:

Earn Good Money

We love being rewarded and we understand that it is the same for you too. So the harder you work, the more money you earn. Fair is fair and credit is due where it is deserved. Literally!

Use Your Own Car

Now imagine having an extra RM2000 income and NOT having to use it on your car maintenance, oil change or wash. That’s a whole lot of additional money for you AND your car is sorted by us!

Be Your Own Boss

Manage your own time. We all need to wind down from time to time, and chauffering for us will give you the power to control when you work and how much you earn. After all, you are the boss!

Connect With People

Everyone from College Students to CEO’s use our service, so you might meet that potential client for your own business or make a new friend through mutual interest. We really do encourage friendship and idea swaps here.

Chauffeur Benefits

Alpha Miles Coming Soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Yes, there is more

With our high standards and superior services, we have become widely accepted by individuals as well as private companies and state enterprises as the go when it comes to chauffeurs. We definitely take a lot of pride in this and strive to keep those standards up there. After all, our portfolio is our pride and we wouldn’t want to put any kind of smudge in it now, do we? 🙂

Alpha Chauffeur Group Sdn Bhd is a young and progressive company eager to expand its operations through a committed approach to customer service and value for money vehicles. To fulfill all requirements of our chauffeurs we emphasize on the best quality of our vehicles with well-trained staff and after-rent service.


Find out if you are qualified to become a chauffeur. Here are our Minimum Requirements.


Q: What is the document required to bring for document verification?

A: Just bring along your NRIC, Full Driving License, Latest Monthly Utility Bill

Q: What is the minimum age requirements for renting?

A: You must be at least 21 years of age to rent

Q: Is The Car Pet Friendly?

A: We love Pets, but unfortunately pets are not allowed in the vehicle. All vehicles rented must be in spanking clean condition and free of pet hair to avoid unsatisfied customers on the job.

Q: How Many Alpha Miles points does it take to earn a FREE RENTAL a day?

A: You could redeem your points for a free rental a day with as few as 400 points. The amount of points will vary based on the rental details and structure agreed between you and the supervisors.