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Here are some cold hard facts on why becoming an investor with us is a good idea

The Fleet

Alpha Chauffeur Group Sdn Bhd is one of the leading companies in Malaysia that has nearly 300 registered vehicles under our daily care.

Anyone Can Invest

The business model is a simple one: more units of cars = more money. If you have an idle car just sitting there not being used or under utilized, our business plan is certainly for you.

Let’s Work Together

Our business is a profitable one, and we thought why not share it with just about everybody. While your car will help us expand our fleet, in return you can get back a serious amount of ringgit, all without lifting a finger.

Your Car Our Care

If you have a car that is under-utilized, we can help you rent it out to one of our well trained chauffeurs. Your car will have monthly inspections while maintenance of the vehicle is also taken care by our in-house workshop. Btw, we only utilize top grade fully synthetic lubricants for all our vehicles.

Safety First!

We also operate an in house towing, hauling and a 24 hour roadside assistance company that will ensure all standards and safety is met.

Chauffeur Firewall

Our potential chauffeurs are religiously screened through for criminal records, samans, and drug offences. All approved chauffeurs are then trained by our experienced in-house trainers.

Chauffeur Etiquette

Speeding is not tolerated by us. We have 24-hour agents watching to maintain the safety of the drivers, passengers and the vehicle. We have a non-smoking policy in all our vehicles to maintain a clean environment for all passengers. We also have an online form for customer care & complaints too.

Everybody Wins

What makes Alpha Chauffeur different for investors, is that we are driven to help all our partners succeed through financial freedom. Your success is also ours. It’s always better when everybody wins.

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